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Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR Unveiled, New Gauntlet Challenges and Fresh Maps!

It's a time for sparks to fly in the world of Sanctuary as we bring you a host of updates and surprises in Diablo 4. In this post, we'll cover the latest on Season 4 PTR, what's new with The Gauntlet, game-breaking exploit fixes, big patch notes that focus primarily on bug fixes (with no major balance changes at this time), and fresh maps for you to conquer. Let's dive right in.



Season 4 PTR: Sneak Peek

The gates to the Public Test Realm have been thrown wide! Come test out our latest content early and provide us your feedback so that we can get it just right when it launches. Thanks for helping us move forward with Diablo 4!


The Gauntlet Challenge Maps Change Weekly

Each week will bring a brand-new map layout for The Gauntlet. Strategize accordingly, collect keys, and use scoring shrines to maximize loot earned in this challenge mode. Remember: The Gauntlet isn't just about power – cunning strategies will prevail over brute force.


Diablo 4 Season 4 PTR Unveiled, New Gauntlet Challenges and Fresh Maps!


Patch Notes: Squashing Bugs

We've got a BIG patch coming up with mostly bug fixes this time around. From improvements to accessibility options (including those for people who are colorblind) to fixing unintended interactions with last month's construct companion patch note update—this one is all about making sure you have a smoother play experience moving forward. There are no major balance changes at this time, but we hope you enjoy your cleaner ride through Sanctuary!


New Map Alert! New Map Alert!

Every new patch brings new territories! Each map has unique mechanics that require careful understanding and planning to overcome quickly enough for efficient repeat runs through the endgame gauntlets ahead. Whether your goal is super competitive or more casually-minded, these maps offer opportunities both for speedrunning records and also simply for finding fun ways to play your favorite class.


Rewards & Results

The first week of The Gauntlet has concluded and the top players have earned their rewards. The first 30 finishers on each class-specific leaderboard received a cache full of items with potential power up to and including that of ancient legendary items. And thanks so much for your feedback about how you did (or didn't) like this format—your voices were heard!


Game Breaking Exploit

We've identified an exploit in the game related to shrine buffs. Some players discovered that they could leave town and then teleport back from anywhere directly onto a shrine activation point, gaining easy access to shrines' temporary powers with little effort. We agree that this is unfair and plan to fix it as soon as we can. Keep reporting anything else you find! Thanks for helping us ensure Diablo 4 is as balanced as possible.


What's Next for Diablo 4?

We're not done yet! Our developers are hard at work on new content, which we'll be talking more about at a later date. Stay tuned to our community updates and developer insights as we continue our journey into uncharted territory together!

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