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4.4 out of 5 (from 9 Customers ratings)

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22 Jul
4 / 5

Very good service for D4, but I encountered a few minor issues.

02 Jul
5 / 5

A game-changer in the Items Custom SC world.

27 Jun
4 / 5

I purchased the Diablo IV Items Custom Realm from D4MATS, and it's a solid choice. The D4 Items Custom Realm does the job well, but there's still room for improvement. Four stars from me.

28 May
5 / 5

If there's one product to recommend, it's the D4 Items Custom SC from D4MATS. It's a masterpiece.

18 May
5 / 5

D4MATS's service for D4 is incredible. So glad I tried it.

What is D4 Gear?

In Diablo 4, the strength of your character relies on how well you control custom gear. With the right selection and enhancement, your equipment can be the difference between winning and losing.


Gear Selection and Itemization

It's all about gear in Diablo 4. Your armor, weapons, and accessories come imbued with various traits that can greatly impact your effectiveness in combat. By understanding Inherent Physical Characteristics, Item Affixes, Legendary Aspects, and knowing how to upgrade your gear - you'll have a huge advantage over other players who don't know these things.


What is Item Power?

Item Power is basically the potential of your gear. It tells you how good it can be once you level up. Once you progress further into the game and level up more often - items will appear with higher item power. This determines what affixes they'll have.

For example: a helmet at a low item power might give you an effect for increasing strength by 7-12 points. While at a higher item power - that same helmet could give 12-18 strength instead.


Choosing the right gear affixes

When choosing custom gear affixes keep in mind that:

- You want to amplify your character's strengths by selecting matching affixes.

- Aim for a balance between offense and defense. Don't pick all of one type of stat because if your defense is weak - what's the point of having great offense?

- Experiment with different combinations until you find what works best for your playstyle.

- Keep up with game patches so that your gear never falls behind.


Why choose D4MATS Diablo 4 Custom Items?

Every player has their own unique style so customization options are valued heavily - especially when they can give someone an advantage. D4MATS can help enhance character builds and turn them into optimized gods.


How to get Diablo 4 Custom Items from D4MATS

1. Choose Class: Select which class your character belongs to.

2. Pick Slot: Decide which piece of your character's gear you'd like to modify.

3. Affix Selection: Choose from a range of affixes tailored for each slot that cater to whatever build or playstyle you have.

4. Affix Value: Choose how high the value of each affix should be as well.

About LOLTANK D4 Gear

You've arrived at D4Mats! The ultimate place for Diablo 4 Custom Gears. We know you want things to be fast and reliable in the world of Sanctuary. Well, that's what we provide! Your queries are answered quickly and all transactions will be done in less than 30 minutes.


We get our gears from trusted providers for top quality. Plus it's always authentic! Our inventory is so big that you'll never find yourself saying we don't have that. Whenever and whatever you need, just know we got you covered.


At D4Mats, all we want to do is give you joy and safety. You'll only release your payment once you're satisfied with the transaction. No risks or worries on your side, only a smooth experience for your purchase.


The blend of speed, security, and satisfaction can only be found here at D4mats. So go ahead and conquer Diablo 4 with style!

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